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Nikitha Web development services wish to enhance our viewer’s technical knowledge by presenting new marketing innovations introduced by Google in recent times. Due to the impact of digital marketing  across global, Google has introduced many features which helps the consumers to have a great interaction with the digital environment. Transparency with valuable trustworthy services is the main policies instituted by Google services in marketing innovations.  People in the new era of technology tend to search more products with their reviews, price, and the locality of the product in order to give valuable status to their money as well as time.

              Here the discussion of new advances in marketing which gives trustworthy services to consumers is evaluated.

Surprise! Change of Google Ad words into “Google Ads”:

July 24 will be going to be a memorable day for consumers and advertisers because of the launch” Google Ads “. Are you surprised? Google Ad word will be seen in a new giant place known as “Google Ads. The well-known features such as search network, Display network and video modes will be the same as the previous brand.  We have to login into to reach the new sector. We may doubt about the impact of this new platform on our navigation or reporting of our product list. Clearly   

Google issued an update which indicates the new platform does not affect the features.  Google added Machine learning to instigate best market options to all range of business people.

Smart Ads: The new experience

We people search for many things in our day to day life which vary from person to another as per their individual need. Google is trying to integrate with different networks for variable channel experience. It takes a few seconds to create Smart Ads which can navigate us smartly to the required platform based on the relevance.  Images can be added instantly to your platform for the better reach to consumers. There is additional good news, that business you own can attain huge profit because of the Google ads.

                  Image Picker is the new feature added to enhance the A/B testing. It will become the best option for small business holders to manage their accounts within a short period of time. We expect that Google will reform its old version by implementing three different brands known as Google Ads, Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform.

Google Ads:  The integration of the entire network under one roof can be reached additionally with the features of Automation, and Machine learning techniques.

Google Ad Manager: Google Ad Manager is the best tool to manage the entire ad process and navigate the people to live stream platforms according to the cookies.

Google Marketing Platform: Two prominent features such as Double-click advertiser network and Google analytics are going to merge into a single group. Consumers can buy, compare or other kinds of stuff in a single place with great experience.

Google sheet integration: This helps the business people to report direct information from their accounts. You can view the report which was submitted a few days ago. The integration of the documents can be done in an easy way.

Ad Words Editor Version 12.3: This version opens a new world to us such as offline editing, Bulk editing tools, a Draft mode which can be widely used for customization and personalization of advertisers. Last but not the least Google Ads has joined Ad Espresso family.

    We all will be waiting to look after into Google’s exciting production. We, Nikitha web development services feel proud to present the modified version of Google Ad words which helps most consumers and advertisers.

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