A Primer for AMP Website Development in India

Saying mobile phone usage for accessing different parts of the internet would be an understatement. Google says that the time in which mobile phone internet use may surpass sooner than what people might imagine.

That’s exactly why they introduced the AMP website (Accelerated Mobile Pages) option for most websites in 2015. These web pages loaded speedily to an extent that was simply unimaginable before- all for the purpose of facilitating and helping the users visiting the site.

This are the information that you should probably know about them.

What makes AMP Pages load and perform better and faster

Essentially, any AMP developer is converting pages from HTML to AMP through the free open-source standard.

But, the case of why AMP pages are faster usually depends upon two components. They support code hygiene exceptionally, as the program shows what would be better code, and the AMP cache- the support of which is provided by Google itself.

AMP enhances the applicability of AdWords

AdWords, Google’s constant advertising platform, has numerous features and functionalities, which remained by most who actually make use of them.

However, with the arrival of Google AMP, it’s now possible to exactly tell why a drop in traffic happened on a website. It’s noted that even a 500 millisecond slowing down of page can motivate 20% of traffic to turn away.

They have been known to actually cause the difference

The speed and agility facilitated by the AMP service are simply astounding. The faster the site loads, the greater the apparent advantages of its use, and any business can derive benefits accordingly.

This is the main thing about AMP websites at large. With the rise and ubiquity is mobile use, there could very well be a time in future when AMP completely replaces and transforms the HTML that is prevalent today.  

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