Mobile-first Indexing

A customer’s mobile website experience can build your brand image or damage it. The three most common positive descriptors of mobile website experiences: easy, helpful, and convenient. The three most common negative descriptors: neutral, interruptive, and predictive.

We at Nikitha design and develop a world-class mobile-first design for your new or existing website with the guideline of Google search engine standard,  why mobile-first design mandatory now? Because Google has started its mobile-first indexing technology for search engine ranking, it means Google will predominantly use content of  the mobile version for indexing and search ranking, it may impact your courent Google mobile and desktop search rankings, previously Google search engine evaluate a website’s desktop version and its content for search ranking, the search engine has changed lot of its algorithm, now we are in. Hire our mobile-first design expert today.

Mobile SEO

Here we are to manage all your mobile site optimization, Our task does not complete only with mobile SEO; converting the potential visitors into your customers is our goal, so we work on mobile user experience, conversion rate optimization, page load speed on mobile view.

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