SSL Certificate - Secure Sockets Layer Certificate

SSL certification is not the big task or risky anymore, we have simplified the process of installing SSL certificate, our SSL certificate (https certificate) installation, HTTP to https migration and canonical URL rewriting services reduce the loss of Google ranking, SSL certificate gives you a secure connection. Browsers can check for the connection security by looking out for “lock icon” or a “green bar” or “HTTPS”.

In online business it is important to establish a secure and trusted environment for the potential customers. You need to make your customers feel confident in making purchases through your website. SSL certificates for website lays foundation of that trust. SSL gives you secure connection. Browsers can check for the connection security by looking out for “lock icon” or a “green bar” or “HTTPS”. These visual cues represent the site as a secured website.

Data sent between browsers and web servers will be in plain text. It makes you vulnerable to the attacker. The attacker can easily intercept your data during transmission and use that information. Install SSL certificate and forget about hackers.

SSL, a website security certificate has now become mandatory. The SSL Cost of installation in your website is also affordable

What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is a method of securing and encrypting sensitive information like credit cards, usernames, passwords and other private data sent over the internet. Web pages secured with SSL will be branded with HTTPS in their URL address. SSL certificate is an encrypted connection. It establishes trust of your website users.

SSL is a standard security protocol. It is for the purpose of creating encrypted links between browser and web server in an online communication. SSL technology keeps all data transfer through web server and browser encrypted.

SSL is a standard security technology for an encrypted link between client and server. It is in general website & browser or mail server & mail client like chrome. By using SSL customers can freely transmit sensitive information like social security numbers, login credentials and credit card numbers over the internet with security.

Benefits of using SSL certificates

  • Mandatory by PCI
    Payment Card Industry-PCI has made SSL mandatory when you collect credit card information on your website. So having SSL is an added benefit.
  • Safety of Private Info
    Website having log-in section or sends and receives private info like name, address, contact numbers etc. having SSL protects such data. Purchase SSL certificates from us and be safe.
  • Increased Business
    People are becoming savvy to online shopping. Customers are serious about their protecting their personal information. They reward the business protecting their private data with trust and increased business
  • Speed up your secured shop
    Installing SSL certificate in your website has the benefit of speeding up your website. SSL not only makes it safe for your customers but faster too.
  • Boosts your SEO
    It is of a varied opinion that SSL certificate boosts your Search Engine Optimization. Earlier Google had announced that it boosts ranking of sites secured with SSL Websites.
  • Protects Against Phishing
    Phishing emails may contain link to criminal websites. These mails can impersonate your website. SSL protects your site from such phishing attacks. The attackers cannot impersonate your site perfectly when you are using SSL.

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    Comodo SSL is the No.1 SSL provider in India. It has the best encryption features to protect web transaction. It protects multiple sub-domains that belong to single domain.
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    We offer varied options of pricing for small to large scale business operations with different security levels. In case of top security at various levels you can go for EV-SSL. Buy SSL certificates from Nikitha. You can compare SSL certificate price with our quote. We offer best technology and cheapest SSL certificates in the market

Nikitha is specialized in installation of COMODO SSL certificates. In case you require covering all domain, sub domains and servers with single certificate then go for cheap Wildcard SSL Certificate. Create SSL certificate with Nikitha. We offer Self signed SSL certificate of Comodo.

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