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Finding and optimizing the potential keywords for your website

Hiring an SEO specialist full time for a single website is unnecessary, who can provide SEO consultancy services for more than 20 websites minimum in a month, so it is better to hire SEO experts for short time assistance or regularly by buying 10 hours prepaid SEO package, this will be sufficient for startup website per month, our white label SEO services are one time SEO training, short time SEO analysis services, and regular SEO consultancy services in which our SEO consultants will provide regular input week on week to improve your website or your client website at affordable service charges.

We analyze your client's website and provide current SEO status report to compare later with optimized website and successful SEO strategy plan to improve the website's google search ranking on behalf of your company in a holistic approach. We provide a complete set of SEO reports on on-page SEO and off-page SEO as well, it will be available on our SEO client reporting tool online. Our SEO experts will identify/predict potential keyword suggestions, our SEO consultants and SEO developers will help in adding the potential keywords in the right page and right position in an organic manner not like just stuffing the keywords. If your team capable they can pick up immediately in a session or maybe two more sessions of SEO training if your team required our SEO consultancy service in regular basis that also will be provided in our retainer-based business model SEO packages.

Visit our SEO portfolio to know more details about on page optimization, case studies, SEO results and live website validation portals


Q: I have my own developer team, will your SEO experts help us to improve on page SEO and Google search ranking for our client's website?

A: Yes, our SEO experts and SEO consultants will guide your team to improve the overall SEO performance, white label SEO consultancy services are our major business.

Q: I have my own developer team will you help us in only SEO analysis report for our client's website development progress?

A: Yes, White Label SEO consultancy services are our major business.

Q: Will you add our clients SEO report in your SEO portfolio?

A: No. unless we receive the acceptance email from you.

Q: Can I hire your SEO expert for the single time SEO analysis?

A: Yes, available.

Q: Is there any free trial SEO analysis packages?

A: No.

Q: What is your preliminary SEO packages?

A: Rs.10000/-.

Q: Will you accept all the website for SEO?

A: No, the team will audit and analyze your website, whether it is eligible or not. If passed we will take the project

Q: Do I need to pay for initial website eligibility check?

A: No,

Q: I have an only a 5-page website can I do SEO for it?

A: Definitely, if your website is eligible for it we can do it.

Q: I want my website complete analysis report immediately is it possible?

A: No, if you can provide Google search console, and Google Analytic or any third party user behaviour analytic tools access we can predict 50%, we need time to diagnosis of complete website health in all important aspects.

Q: How do we know your SEO strategies are up to date?

A: We get regularly notified about search engine algorithm updates from Google official blog and SEO forums, Google has updated a lot in search algorithm but the basics of the search ethics did not change a lot. Our SEO results spake, you will get the answer there, visit our SEO portfolio: https://www.nikitha.com/seo-services-chennai-portfolio.php

Q: How do we know your SEO progress is organic/genuine practices and approved by Google?

A: Simple, we disclose all the strategy and plan with you, a completely transparent business model, nothing to hide. we guarantee that we don't try any unethical practices in SEO ever.

Q: One line evergreen SEO tips, please?

  • Make sure all meta tag is available on every page
  • Never miss inserting the top keyword in H1 in a proper manner
  • Don't try too many keywords for a page
  • Try to understand for which keyword google showing your page, why?
  • Identify which is a popular potential keyword phrase in your target area
  • Keep in mind, now voice searches are increased lot
  • Internal or external link building should be useful for your website user navigation, not for google bots.
  • Don't make links just for increasing internal links
  • Never try to cheat Google bots
  • never forget to enable AMP
  • Add structured data

Organic SEO Practices & Successful SEO Strategies

Nikitha, one of the best white label SEO service provider in Chennai, offers end to end SEO services including small business SEO, on page optimization, off page optimization, local SEO, SEO copywriting and SEO analysis and consultancy. With over 10 years of experience in website development & search engine optimization, we have seen all the crests and troughs of the industry and established an excellent reputation. Outsource your SEO projects & website optimizations works, we provide white label search engine optimization services which can be rebranded by your company's name. meet our SEO consultant today!

The ultimate aim of SEO based Internet marketing is to ensure that the particular website offering a product or service ranks first in the search engine results when a particular keyword that is relevant is typed. Leading search engines offer a broad spectrum of analytics tools, which in turn help users define the keywords.

As a small company, one should focus on what one does best, whether it's SEO, paid search, web development, etc. The thing is that you know you're leaving money on the table and opportunities to grow your business. That's where white label SEO services can be the perfect partners for your agency. If you find the right SEO partner like us who can manage them properly, then you can:

  • Increase revenue and profits
  • Make customers happier by offering more web development  services
  • Help your business appear larger and more trustworthy
  • Be mutually beneficial for every party involved

In order to make this happen, you need top-notch white label SEO services or bust. You must always test every service before selling them. You can do this by ordering the services for your own website or offering a discounted version to your clients. Our white label SEO services under your brand give you the platform to grow your agency. Work with experienced SEO consultant, SEO specialists, SEO analyst, project managers, website developers, graphic designers, and SEO content writers, we carry out the work so you can focus on your core business.

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