Google workspace pricing

Website maintenance packages

Monthly Package

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  • Startup Package:
    ₹3300/- (5 man-hours)
  • Economy Package:
    ₹6000/- (10 man-hours)
  • Professional Package:
    ₹10000/- (20 man-hours)

Yearly Package

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  • Startup Package:
    ₹6000/- (6 man-hours)
  • Economy Package:
    ₹10000/- (12 man-hours)
  • Professional Package:
    ₹15000/- (18 man-hours)

Custom Package - pay as you go

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  • Hourly Package:
    ₹800/- (per hours)
  • Day Package:
    ₹6000/- (8 hours)
  • Weekly package
    ₹30000/- (40 hours)

Benefits of regular website maintenance

Organic traffic for your website

Bring more organic traffic to your website by choosing our website maintenance plan, we take care of your website with periodical website maintenance, to get maximum score in Google pagespeed insight and Google Chrome Lighthouse tool, Choose one of our monthly website maintenance packages to keep your website up to the search engine standard. live website validation tool in mobile and desktop view in Google search engine.

AMC website at ₹ 3000 onwards

When you want earn from your website by generating more leads, it should be up to the search engine standard, your website should be maintained by a professional website development and website maintenance experts regularly to keep it top position in Google search, our monthly website maintenance team includes web development experts, web programmer, web designers, link building experts, graphic designers and SEO specialists.

Get more visibility in Google search ranking by taking our SEO enabled annual website maintenance package - AMC website or monthly website maintenance package, within 3 simple steps you can start the successful online journey with Nikitha website maintenance company.

Before you choosing your website maintenance packages, kindly take a minute to know more about our advanced technology strength and development possibilities, check our SEO portfolio and website maintenance results using popular live website validation and SEO Analysis tool online

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What are the services will be covered in this website maintenance packages?

Our monthly, annual and custom website maintenance packages include new website updates, website design changes, website images, website banner updates, dynamic functionalities, SEO, on-page optimization, page speed, mobile compatibility, multi-browser compatibility, user experience enhancement, website navigation, call to actions , malware fixing, website backup, web security, hosting issues, email problems, and website-related all services

How to validate our website maintenance progress, is there any website health and SEO Analysis Online tool to evolivate it?

Click to check our Client's website health condition; there is no way to fabricate the report because it is a live website validation reports, anyone can check any website's health in below-provided validation web portals. The below-mentioned validation web portals are developed by Google and other popular companies. You can check any websites there; most of the company will not be ready to give these validations portals to its clients. The more the ranking brings you top ranking in Google search results. It is the professional way to audit/check a website health condition.

Why our client's website live validation report?

Google Insights (Live Report) - web coding and performance validation

Structured Data (Live Report) - Structured data is coded in a specific data format, written in such a structured way that search engines can understand better, kind of standardization of providing data to search engines, search bots can easy understand your data.

AMP Validation (Live Report) - AMP is nothing but simple framework. AMP-enabled website loads faster in slow networks too almost within a second, without AMP it is not possible, when you search on Google using your mobile phone, in some of the Google results you can see lighting symbol before the result, if so it is an AMP page, you can see it loads immediately when you click on Google results, because its loads from Google Cache, so no need to load files from our server.

SEO Site Checkup (Live Report) – One of the popular website auditing portal

Light House - It is an add-on for browser need to install to validate a website PWA and more, it is a Google tool for web development professionals, you can check light house validation report in chrome browser, open the website you want to check and use short cut ctrl+shift+I to view the report.

SEO Support - this tool was designed to generate website & SEO health check report for free, this SEO Analysis Online tool is one of our digital R&D projects. Check your website with our SEO checker to get detailed SEO audit report.

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