Voice Recognition

The way people search for information in internet is drastically changing, internet users are start using voice search app on their smartphones get information or some work done by voice assistant device like the Google Home or Amazon Echo - smart speakers to search for information onlinet. Siri is voice assistant software in Apple devices, it become very useful for Apple device users, in Android devices Google assistant voice search is popular and more advanced even in other regional languages too, if you want to know more about the Google speech recognition technology, try their Gboard on your Android devices, it a keyboard application for mobile devices, especially developed for voice to text conversion in most of the world languages. speech recognition software is not new, now it has developed using artificial intelligence in Android devices, try Thirukkural, you will get tamil text without any spelling mistakes, hats off to Google voice recognition technology.

Overview - Voice search & voice command

The new term very popular among SEO experts is “Voice search optimization “, Voice search and Voice command technologies are going to play vital role in our life anymore, commonly we can see people talking like themselves, while walking, if you watch closely you can see their headset, hereafter we are going to see people talk with phone, shout with phone, angry with phone, sharing joke with phone and no talking with phone for 2 days (do ka with phone). Voice search and Voice command technologies is going to be a good? servant for everyone and will become very intimate to every phone users, soon you can name your voice assistant like “pappy and tomy. “Pappy confirm all my today's meeting “, “shut your mouth in presence of my wife” your voice assistant will say only “done master” without rest and food. actually what voice search app user and voice search developer together doing is creating a advance artificial intelligence software for future robots, in that everyone’s share is going to be there indirectly in future robotic technology, every phone user is going to play the role, without user they can not keep on developing it.

Optimize your website for voice search

Get your voice search optimized content for your website, Let's start from changing the way we write text content for our website, adding our potential keywords must be in natural way we speke, we can create content heading like “question answer type” will help very well for voice search optimization. Bring faq’s sessions in all of your page content, it is not going to be in one particular page called “FAQ” anymore, since 2004 we start encouraging our clients to have faq’s sessions in every pages. Use long tail keywords in website for example “ where can i buy vegetables near me”, we search by typing text use less worlds” short keywords, when it comes by voice search it will be more specific and detailed to get exactly what they want, when customer uses a highly specific detailed search phrase, user looking for exactly what they are actually looking at. Utilizing all the tags properly is the first step to optimize the website for voice search, title tag, description and H1 to H3 plays very important role in successful voice search optimization, our voice search optimization team expertise in identifying potential keywords by using search term analytic tools specified by search term, regional, search volume and many more for your business website here is secret recipe of our success voice search optimization.

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