Business association with Nikitha web development.

Our Holistic Business Approach

If you are willing to grow with Nikitha web development company, once you agree with our company terms & conditions, we mutually agree with your company or individual as a monopoly business associate for our company in your city area / town.

Whatever business we get from your city area / town, we will provide services only through our business associates, even when a new client contacts us directly to our office.

We strongly believe in "success of life is building good contacts"

There is no official signup required with our company to be part of our successful business. We have no business target for business associates, as an owner you know how to grow your business than we do, We expect and accept on time business processes.

To join as an associate immediately, you can send an email regarding our business associate program. We will send an email approval to start marketing our services. Contact us through phone to learn more about our web development services. If you need more details, visit our Chennai head office for one day training with prior appointments.

Recognition in our website

Once your business transaction starts with our company, we follow some regulations to evaluate your company, if the company management (Nikitha web development) is satisfied with your business transactions, you will be accepted to be visible under regional business associates list in our website with your company or your name, address and contact details.

You are free to take orders for the following services.

Website Business Opportunity
without office space, deposit & investment

Example free website:

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Opportunity Highlights

  • ₹1000 profit for each sale
  • One day delivery 
  • 30% from yearly hosting renewal
  • 100% online process 
  • Free marketing website with your brand logo

Our other services (applicable only for listed reginoal business associates)

# You can detect your commission and send the balance payment
# All the projects will be initiated only with full payment
# If your client wants an invoice from Nikitha web development company, you can collect only cheque or accept online payment, no cash transaction allowed.

Your commission or royalty fee will be sent to your bank account only after we receive the payment.

Make more money
by selling our "Start-up Website Package"

Business opportunity without office space, deposit & investment

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