Through our effective PPC management services, you can improve your business within 3 simple steps -

  • Select a set of potential keywords to their website or landing page;
  • Select a geographic location limitation for the ad to be run within;
  • Create an attractive ad copy within limited characters, to display in the search results;

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Google ads management

Some Google Ads Types:

Search Ads: In top search engines like Google, the search ads will be displayed at top and bottom of search results. These are simple text ads which uses the keywords in the text. When people search using those keywords, the text ads will be displayed. Here, ad owners must pay to search engines for each click for showcasing their ads on their platform. And that's the name it gets - pay-per-click (PPC ads).

Display Ads: The display ads fall under the Google Display Network. As its name refers, the display ads can be of any type including images, useful videos or the content that interacts with the audience. And secondly, display ads can be of any form like banner advertisement, infographics, animations etc.

Video Ads: The video ads are displayed in YouTube and other Google video partners - websites and apps. The video ads can be of any of the following forms - skippable/non-skippable ads, bumper ads, outstream ads or in-feed video advertisement.

Re-targeting Ads: The re-targeting ads will be displayed to people who visited your website already but didn't show any conversion like shopping your products or filling any form or contacting you for the services etc. Through this ad type, the conversion rate can be increased.

Shopping Ads: Shopping ads are different from search ads. Instead of only text, here, in shopping ads, the image of the products that you sell will be displayed along with price, your company name etc. These sorts of ads are well suitable for ecommerce business.

Why We are Best for Your Google Ads Management:

Wondering how the PPC management works, proceed reading to know about it

These are the steps involved in creating and managing the successful PPC ads. Via these steps, you will get the leads easily. However, you need not worry about these steps, as our Google ads experts are there to handle the procedures.

Keyword Research and Keyword Grouping:

It is only via keywords; the customers will know about your business online. Hence it is significant to research and analyze the keywords that can be used to portray your business in PPC ads. Secondly, focusing on the keyword regrouping is essential. For example, you are selling more than one product/service in your website. And if you want to advertise all those, then keyword research must be done for each products/service and group them separately in PPC ad campaign.

Optimizing Your PPC Landing Page:

Landing page is one of the website pages where visitors land by clicking your ad. It must provide information about your business. The landing page must be SEO friendly and clear with the information to grab visitors attention. Our Google ads experts will optimize the landing page via A/B testing.

PPC Ads Creation:

Google have certain PPC guidelines that ad owners must follow. For example, in text ads, there must be appropriate headlines and description text with only 90 characters. Headline 1 & 2 must be of 30 characters each. And all sorts of PPC ad forms must fall under the guidelines to get displayed in the search engine. Hence, we take more care in creating the ad for PPC.

Ad Campaign Setup by Our Google Ads Specialist:

The next step in this process is – setting up the ad campaign page. Appropriate ad campaign management tool will be utilized to create and manage the campaign. Here, CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click-Through Rate), CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) parameters are managed and tracked during the ad campaign process. The ad budget that you allocate for display of ads will be utilized during the active campaign.

Bid Management Process:

Via this strategy, we can increase or decrease the keyword bids. And as a result, the bid money can be controlled for each keyword and ads.

Monitoring the PPC Ads Performance on Daily Basis:

This is crucial step, as it will decide the progress of the PPC ad campaign. Our Google ad experts are keen in tracking the process flow frequently. Through monitoring, you will get to know the number of visitors to the landing page, number of purchases done etc. It is also possible to track whether target audience are reaching the niche. Based on these results, the PPC algorithm can be modified.

Report Preparation:

Based on the periodic tracking, report will be prepared. For instance, if the PPC campaign is running for several months, then the report will assist in knowing the progress from day 1 till the end. Some of the Google ad report metrics are campaign objectives, CPA, conversion rate, CPC, CTR etc.

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Still having questions about PPC management? Here are some questions and answers for you. This will help you further to understand about the PPC ad management.

I am using SEO services, still is it required to choose PPC advertising?

Yes, you can. If you are the start-up business who want to grab more customers instantly then PPC ads will help you. SEO is slow and steady process. It takes few months to show results. However, initially, if PPC is also used, you can grow your business without any time delay.

How much will you charge for google ads management services?

The charges vary depending upon the PPC campaign management services. The charges will be based on – ad type, its landing page design & content (If any) and other works. However, at Nikitha, the Google ad management services are affordable and result-oriented.

When will my business ad gets displayed on the search engine after the payment?

After the requirement gathering, our PPC ad experts will start working on it immediately. The search engine will start displaying the ad, immediately after its approval. Hence, your business ad will be displayed to prospective customers overnight.

What will be done if someone clicks on my ad unnecessarily?

We will carefully watch each ad clicks. But still if you feel that your ad is clicked by someone unnecessarily then we can block those unwanted clicks.

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Like to know what our customers say about our PPC services?

Kristen - PPC experts at Nikitha are really doing a fabulous job. They interacted with my team and collected all the required data. They also informed about the progress now and then. They are passionate, affordable and recommendable.

Kavin - Working with Nikitha team was awesome. I couldn't manage the Google ads effectively last time. As I had no time to concentrate on PPC since I was concentrating on my own tasks. And so, this time I handed over the job to people at Nikitha. Now I started getting few customers via PPC ads. Thanks to the team.

Jay – At first, I was wondering whether Google ad experts at Nikitha can do a good job. But after talking with them, I understood that they are experienced and can do the PPC campaign very well. Honestly, I am completely satisfied with them. Nikitha was recommended by one of my friends. I truly appreciate their dedication.

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