Effective SEO Packages at Unbelievable SEO Cost

Take a few minutes to compare our on-page SEO price and SEO 360 packages, the difference between on-page SEO package and 360 SEO package are predominantly a number of man-hours, our SEO cost is very low when it is compared with our results, in our on-page SEO package we will provide only on-page optimization like meta tag, keyword analysis, on-page coding and script minification, CSS minification, competitor analysis, Google my business optimization - local SEO, Facebook page optimization, Facebook personal page to business page, content editing & optimization, analytics setup & configuration, speed optimization, image optimization, internal link building, conversion rate optimization, AMP version validation and structured data, in SEO 360 package we will provide all the above mentioned on-page SEO, offsite link building, content development, website maintenance, web development, and social media optimization as well.

Unbelievable SEO cost in India with uncomparable SEO results within a short span of time. Talk to our SEO specialist to identify your potential keywords to bring more website traffic, conversion and more money.

Prepaid SEO Packages (On-Page Optimization)

  • 20 Hours
  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Validity 2 Month
  • 40 Hours
  • Upto 10 Pages
  • Validity 3 Months
  • 60 Hours
  • Upto 15 Pages
  • Validity 3 Months
  • 80 Hours
  • Upto 20 Pages
  • Validity 4 Months
  • 100 Hours
  • Upto 30 Pages
  • Validity 6 Months
  • 20 Hours
  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Validity 2 Month
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  • 40 Hours
  • Upto 10 Pages
  • Validity 3 Months
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  • 60 Hours
  • Upto 15 Pages
  • Validity 3 Months
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  • 80 Hours
  • Upto 20 Pages
  • Validity 4 Months
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  • 100 Hours
  • Upto 30 Pages
  • Validity 6 Months
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Monthly Retainer - SEO 360

$ 500/Month

On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, Content Creation, Website Maintenance, Website Development & Social Media Optimization

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SEO Consultancy Services

$ 500

In this package, our SEO experts will provide guidance to improve your website, it can be a one time consultation or regular SEO consultancy service, suitable for web development or digital marketing company who have a team of developers to implement the provided suggestions on the website, we don't require FTP access to your website and we want Google analytics and search console access.

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we can assure you that there is no change in the quality among our SEO service packages, all package quality of our service is the same result duration will differ. if you take a custom SEO package you will get results sooner, it depends on a number of pages you have on your website and which SEO package you select. Meet one of our best seo consultants in India today. Nikitha providing cost-effective on-page SEO and SEO Audit services since 2008.

Continuous SEO services will help your site remains a top-ranking visible on the search engines, consult our eleven years experienced SEO consultant and get more top-ranking organic search results

Packages Included





Potential Keywords

Upto 5
Upto 20
Upto 40

Minimum Duration

3 Months
6 Months
6 Months

On-Page Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

Meta Tag Optimization

Keyword Analysis

H1, H2 and H3 Tag Optimization

AMP HTML Creation

5 Pages
15 Pages

Anchor Tag Optimization

Alt Tag Optimization

URL Optimization

404 Setup

Broken Links Identification

Page Size

Image Compression

JS Minify

CSS Minify

Resolving JS Render Block

Resolving CSS Render Block

Content Prioritization

Mobile Validation

Opengraph Markup

Structured Data Markup

Content Optimization

W3C Validation

Sitemap Implementation

robots.txt Implementation

Google Analytics Setup

PageSpeed Insights

Internal Links

Content Update

Off-Page Optimization

Manual Directory Submission

Social Bookmarking

Classified Ad Posting

Blog Submission

Blog Creation

Article Submission

Forum Posting

Youtube Optimization

Google Business Listing

SEO Report

Live Report

Monthly Work Report

Monthly Google Analytics Report

Customer Support





Here is the list of on-page optimization services, which will be covered in this on-page SEO pricing. On-page optimization man-hours will vary from website to website, due to the complicity of the coding and architecture the website, what we can assure is all the man-hours will be utilized properly for your website on-page optimization job, you also can monitor or validate the on-page optimization progress of your website by clicking from the below links, we also update the completed on-page optimization list with used man-hours, it will be updated by our team once the job completed for the day.

You can validate the below-mentioned on-page optimization services by clicking below links, once all the on-page optimization completed by our team. when we deliver your website, you can find the amazing results on your website validation score in Google Insight, Structured data tool, AMP validation, SEO Site Checkup, and Light House add-on tool. we can assure 90+ score in Google Insight, Light House add-on, and SEO Site Checkup. Even before we completed 90% of the on-page optimization process. For your record kindly validate and note your website score in Google Insight and other validation tools before you handover the on-page optimization job to our company, it will be helpful for you to compare the website health with previous validation score and after our on-page optimization progress.

Google Insights (Live Report) - website coding and performance validation

Structured Data (Live Report) - Structured data is coded in a specific data format, written in such a structured way that search engines can understand better, kind of standardization of providing data to search engines, search bots can easily understand your data. There are more than 100s of Structured Data formats, we need to find the suitable Structured Data formats for your website, all the Structured Data formats are not necessary for every website for example if you have a job portal, you need to _______

AMP Validation (Live Report) - AMP is nothing but a simple framework. AMP-enabled website loads faster in slow networks too almost within a second, without AMP it is not possible, when you search on Google using your mobile phone, in some of the Google results you can see lighting symbol before the result, if so it is an AMP page, you can see it loads immediately when you click on Google results, because its loads from Google Cache, so no need to load files from our server.

SEO Site Checkup (Live Report) – One of the popular website auditing portals

Light House - It is an add-on for browser need to install to validate a website PWA and more, it is a Google tool for web development professionals, you can check lighthouse validation report in chrome browser, open the website you want to check and use short cut ctrl+shift+I to view the report.

SEO Support - this tool was designed to generate website & SEO health check report for free, this SEO Analysis Online tool is one of our digital R&D projects. Check your website with our SEO checker to get detailed SEO audit report.

Nikitha, one of the pioneer SEO agencies in Chennai, well known for Google standard SEO audit, Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine marketing services at affordable pricing in India. SEO packages in India are very low in cost and effective in search engine results, compare to others cities like New York, London, and Melbourne city SEO agency prices. Our SEO packages are value for money and effective in search engine ranking progress. We have brought more than 1000 potential keywords to the Google first-page results for our SEO / Digital marketing clients, we have done more than a hundred Website optimization projects in and around India.

We strongly believe in google search engine standards, our guaranteed SEO Services are driven by successfully proven strategies. How we are different from other SEO agency in India, is we treat all our clients alike, the difference between SEO packages are only man hours not the quality of our works. We accept payment for SEO order only after our SEO audit team validate and approve your website.

Kindly go through the SEO package features, SEO pricing, man-hours, and the terms & conditions before selecting the SEO package.

Need help in choosing our SEO package to optimize your website? Our SEO experts will audit your website and recommend the Search Engine Optimization & website optimization package, Thanks for your visit, our results are keeping us on top 10 SEO company among the SEO agencies in Chennai, India.

Free website SEO audit

Website SEO audit will be done at free of cost, once the team completed the website SEO audit, we will send the report to the registered email id provided by you, if interested in our SEO services, with a single click you can order and pay to proceed further.

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