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  • Date : Oct 31, 2018
  • Posted By : D. Sivakumar

AMP has grown over the years from 2 contributors to more than 700 contributors running over millions of websites today. In Initial days AMP was focused on quickness. Earlier, AMP governance centered around the tech lead. He would decide about the execution process. Currently, AMP governance is moving around a model where all community constituents is taken into consideration, including end-users who cannot do coding. AMP governance at present follows the lead of the node.js project. It is decided to move on to a consensus-seeking governance model.


Objectives of the AMP governance model

  • To encourage every contributor voice opinions. They may be code contributions or future direction of AMP. It could be the decisions of features and bug fixes too. The votes of non-code contributors impacted by AMP are given importance too.
  • To give a clear picture of individual’s and company’s voices from code change approval to product roadmap
  • To prevent work slow-down due to the AMP governance model. The net result of changes to the AMP should be neutral to positive productivity.
  • To learn about the positive and negatives of other open source projects. AMP team has consulted on projects like Node.js & Kubernetes. The team has looked into the governance of JS foundation and other open source & web standard governance docs.

Significant changes in New AMP governance model

  • The decision making power goes from individual tech. lead to Technical steering committee-TSC. It includes companies who built the AMP too. TSC aims to have no such companies with no more than third of seats.
  • The advisory committee consisting of people from other AMP constituencies will offer opinions to TSC
  • The informal team will be replaced by working groups with AMP ownership on aspects like UI, documentation & infrastructure. The working groups have a clear mechanism for input. They follow a good decision-making process.

AMP proposal has got full details. In case you are interested to join the membership on AMP governance groups, you need to have experience in consumer rights and protection. 

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