Benefits of SSL Certificate Secured Website


Secure Socket Layers, in short, is SSL. It is a public key infrastructure that uses two keys namely public key and private key. These keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the info respectively. SSL uses RSA method of authentication and encryption through security certificates.

Through secure protocol HTTPS, SSL helps to have a safe connection between server & client. SSL is the best and wise choice to protect sensitive customer and his bank details.

Secured data access is ensured by certificates of Certifying Authority-CA. These certificates are shared by a specific server or domain. Data exchange takes place only after certificate verification. Hence your data goes through privately and securely with SSL connection.

Let us go through the basic working of SSL security system. The following is the basic SSL working model:

Step 1: Customer asks for server identification from the webserver

Step 2: Web server provides SSL issued by CA to Customer

Step 3: the customer gets a certificate copy and acknowledges the same. The certificate received gets verified and results are sent back to the webserver

Step 4: web server sends the digital signature to the client upon verification acknowledgement. It initiates the exchange of encrypted info between server and client.


Benefits or advantages of having an SSL Certificate

SSL is a simple and secure channel for data transmission. The following write-up will make businesses and customers realize that SSL is very important.


Keeps the Hackers Away

A website owner has to be careful about phishing sites. These Phishing sites are fake sites that may almost look exact replica of your original site. They lure the users to give sensitive information through this site.

SSL ensures these fake sites never even surface. It is highly impossible to get SSL from fake sites. When customers are warned not to fall prey to sites without SSL, they will avoid such phishing sites.

Moreover, SSL helps to safeguard your website from sniffing attacks, eavesdropping and man-in-middle attack.


Boost to Your Brand Value & Ranking - HTTP to HTTPS

Recently Google updated its algorithm. HTTPS is now a ‘ranking signal’ with Google. Your website will have a search engine advantage in Google when your website has SSL with web URL starting with HTTPS

You can notice improved users perception of your brand. When a trusted third-party certificate has signed your site, your clients will know you are a valid site. Your users will forget about security issues and share details freely.


Payment security ensures safe shopping

Users will never share credit card info over HTTP site. Today it is compulsory for every business site to have an SSL certificate. It is a PCI security standard of the card payment industry. No credit card transaction can happen without SSL. SSL is a symbol of trustworthy and safe shopping over HTTPS website.


More Trust with Additional Authentication

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Be it a man and his wife or a business and its clients, trust goes a long way. Data protection is a must as sensitive info like bank passwords and personal details are shared on the website.

SSL ensures data security by providing both server certificate and SSL certificate. This Server certificate helps you to gain customers or user trust about your site. Customers can verify easily who you claim yourselves.

CA conducts three types of validation namely domain, Organization, and Extended validations. It depends on which type you choose. In an extended validation SSL certificate, your CA will validate business existence and trustworthiness with legal documents. EV SSL Certificate website assures high authenticity. It assures high security for online transactions that come with GREEN BAR.


Strong Encryption

The data that goes through an SSL connection has strong encryption. No hacker can derive the details with an SSL secured site. Presently CAs use RSA, DSA and ECC algorithms. When highly confidential info passes through your server and client robust encryption will be in place. No hacker can intercept this data. Your details will be safely delivered to the intended place.



Thus being a responsible website owner, there is no doubt you need to install SSL certificate on your website. Make your clients and users see that you are genuine and safe for online transactions. Ignoring SSL is like leaving your house safe and doors open to robbers. Show your website users they can trust you for doing business and sharing personal details.

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