how to choose a web design company

Before choosing a web design company a few things to be verified before you contact a web design company in Chennai, India.

Basic web design price - where you can decide the budget will suit for your project

Web design gallery - you can decide on a web designs samples list, make sure about the designs meet your expectations

Payment terms - Get quotation officially with full payment terms and conditions.

Mobile responsive - make sure website delivery with mobile responsive, 70% of your website visitors going to use mobile to view your website, it is mandatory for 8 years now.

Type of website - you should know what type of website you may be required or you need to spend more unnecessarily, there are two types of websites static website and dynamic website. A static website is enough for startup companies, if you want to keep on update your website frequently from your end itself, you need to choose a dynamic website development, where you can get an admin login user id password to access your website admin penal to update/manage/edit your website, obviously dynamic website will be higher in price range, but it is worth spending who can update the website regularly, it helps to bring your website to top in google search ranking. We can see two types of dynamic websites, first one is fully customizable but it is open source like WordPress, and Joomla, it needs more and regular attention like source or plugin needs to be updated or get hacked.  another one is a custom dynamic website, all of the popular website are custom dynamic websites only, it will be more expensive when compared to a static website price. 

Time Frame - most of the companies deliver static websites maximum of 20 days.

Homepage design - most of your website visitors going to visit homepage only, make sure about mobile-first design standard, navigation friendly menu, key selling points in banners, proper call to action button in right place, WhatsApp chat option, the homepage should have all the highlights and selling points of the website in short form with more detail links, nowadays website visitor’s behavers have been changed drastically in mobile view, 70% of visitors not clicking on top menu bar to navigate, they used to click on view more details on the homepage itself.

Design methodology -  Please check their design process, web designers will start work once all the inputs received from clients, most of the company have standard online input form to collect all the data from clients. There is two popular way to start the website design process, First one is started by selecting inspired template design, most of the economy website packages will have this option only, and the second one is custom design development, here web designers need more expertise, only designers can’t do a proper custom website designs, it needs more experts involved like SEO analyst, web developer, UI & UX expert, navigation experts and digital marketing experts. The next important is the number of web design options and the number of design revision in the design phase.

HTML version & SEO expertise - Once the web design image version approved, the programmer will start converting the image to the HTML version, it should be HTML 5, make sure. A website should meet basic SEO standards like meta tags, minimum meta tags need to be completed in each page.

eCommerce website development  - Nowadays eCommerce development is manometry for a web design company  

Domain Name - We can choose a catchy name for your domain based on your product or service, try to get dot com website, other extensions like .in or, .net, and .org  also can be done, but dot com is better for the brand protection. A very importantly domain name should be registered under your or your company email id ownership only, it is your property don’t buy it with web design company name or email id ownership, ask them to register with your email id or do it your self it is very easy to create a login and buy it in domain resellers penal, then only you can get login access to renew it yourself, you will get renewal alert emails directly from domain reseller. It should be protected well with your permanent email id.

Hosting, SSL & Business email - ask for sufficient hosting space for your website and professional business email, shared hosting will be sufficient for a startup website, server in India will be good for fast loading. Business email can be used by webmail or G suite / Google workspace integrated, but Gsuite is paid one, webmail will be free of cost, usually, it comes with hosting packages, SSL certificate is mandatory now for your website, please check was HTTP/HTTPS versions of the website are set up properly. If the HTTP and HTTPS versions of your website are not set properly, both of them can get indexed by search engines and cause duplicate content issues that may impact your website’s search engine rankings.  

Source file - get the final website source file as a soft copy before you go live with your website.

Google review - it defiantly helps you understand about the company and its culture, if there are some negative review, please read carefully what the company reply to that bad review and decide, be aware of a fabricated positive and negative review. 

Website validation - Validating a website is a process of ensuring that the pages on the website conform to the norms or standards defined by various web organizations like google and amazon. Ask for a minimum guarantee ranking in the following validations. only experienced on-page optimization experts can bring more score to your website.


Visit Office - to decide, meet the team and know more about the company and its culture.

Select the company that are very much interested in educating and explain everything to you.

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