How to do keyword research steps & strategy for a website?

How to do keyword research steps & strategy for a website?

Buyer Persona: Customer is not searching for a particular website. Customers need to solve their issues with valuable information. Think of the buyer persona that your customer typing in google. By which keyword they will reach your website.

Keyword strategy:

Buying Funnels

  • Awareness - search terms
  • Research & comparison
  • Buying

Create content using the chosen keyword. After seeing the content, the customer will buy the products immediately. Let's start with the mindset of the buyer persona then the marketing plan will be easy. What will the customer type in the google search? What are the buyer problems? Need to find a strategic keyword. Instead of trying highly competitive words, go for less competitive words. Create content around the body and long-tail keywords.

Keywords are in three different categories

Head - One-word phrase (Ex: trademark) - highly competitive

Body -  Two or three-word phrase - less competitive Ex: trademark registration

Long-tail keywords - More description phrases (less specific and less search)

Ex: trademark registration in Chennai.

Goal to target the portfolio keyword then a single keyword. This kind of keyword search is achieved by more number of blogs and more terms. The SEO portfolio approach is more helpful to achieve this goal.

How to brainstorm 1000’s keyword ideas?
Maintain the buyer persona in mind and choose 30 to 50 keywords to potentially make the content. How do know the important keyword?


Keyword research template. Create an excel file containing topic, keyword, search volume, CPC, and Competition. Using Wikipedia we will find the keywords and different topics and sub-topics related to the website(business). Wikipedia gives details about types of business, topics, and subtopics. Wikipedia is a great source to find keywords. Choose the keywords and select the sub-keywords for each keyword. Long-tail keywords are less competitive


Generate long tail keywords using automated tools. A few automated tools are here

  • Google autocomplete
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Shitter

Google Autocomplete:

Type one of the keywords in google, Google brings a list of keywords using auto-complete. Another way to get related keywords from the bottom of the google search page, get all the topics, and search those subtopics in google. Collect all the keywords and maintain the keyword list.


Keywords everywhere tool:  We can also add this extension to firefox also.

This works the same as a google search engine. Valuable keywords can be found with CPC. 

Keyword Shitter: This is another tool to find SEO keywords.

Quora: Quora is also one of the best places to find keywords

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