How to do the Google mobile-friendly test?

How to take the Google mobile-friendly test?

One of the most important technical key points for SEO is the Google mobile-friendly website test

Why is the Google mobile-friendly test important?

The website should deliver a great user experience across all devices. Nowadays, people are using their mobile for searching. If the website is not mobile-friendly then a massive part of the business will be at a loss and also uninteresting user experience. And most importantly, part of Google's algorithm will favor mobile-friendly sites. When you click through on mobile devices this is easy to use. Now Google is putting pressure on website owners to have mobile-friendly sites because it produces a good experience for people. 

How to do a mobile-friendly test?

Type in the website URL and click analyze. This will take a few seconds to process. This shows the result. This is a very quick and easy test.

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