How to do Website Whatsapp Integration?

WhatsApp developed as a separate podium for Businesses named WhatsApp Business to come back in 2017. They also assisted to alleviate the complication in using the personal WhatsApp numbers for business reasons. With the additional features such as Address adding, verification, and more as it goes beyond other Enterprise level messenger platforms. However, it does not give an option to integrate WhatsApp chat in the website or Facebook Pages.

Here is a full guide that takes you through the steps to integrate WhatsApp website integration on your Website or any Facebook page.

How to Integrate WhatsApp Business into a Website?

As WhatsApp only supports mobile platforms, you cannot do Whatsapp website integration with any direct text alternative within the website, like Messenger messaging pop-ups, and more. Thus, WhatsApp officially themselves overlay the way to Whatsapp integration with websites with the API link or through direct app activation call. Therefore, users can tap the targeted button on your Website to achieve your WhatsApp Business contact with ease. Here are the different, tested techniques that will let you integrate WhatsApp Business or Enterprise accounts to your website. These processes act flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. 

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You can integrate Whatsapp with websites by carrying out redirection with website WhatsApp integration for business features. You can perform it by other sources as well.

Go to the WhatsHelp website from your web browser.

Tap the Widget to check the list of supported IM platform buttons.

Scroll down and tap the WhatsApp icon under “select messaging apps.”

Give your WhatsApp number (with country code).


Is it possible to include a WhatsApp chat widget with a plugin?

Of course, it is possible to add a chat widget for WhatsApp with a free plugin. 

 Can I integrate WhatsApp on a WordPress or Wix site?

Yes, you can select to integrate WhatsApp on a WordPress or Wix website without any particular technical know-how.

How can you add WhatsApp on your website?

The function that lets WhatsApp to be added into your website by clicking is known as click-to-chat. Thanks to this advanced feature, your website users can begin chatting with your business via WhatsApp in just one click.

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