How to find keywords for your website?

How to find keywords for your website? 

Keywords can be assessed by Google search volume data. How many searches the keyword gets that’ll help us identify which of these keywords are important. Two tools are helpful to identify the keywords using Google Keyword Planner or keyword everywhere tool, (chrome extension) we can identify which keyword is popular and which topics are most popular. If the particular keyword has more interest then we can create the content based on the search volume. If the keywords have more search volume then we concentrate on that particular keyword to create the content. Consider the commercial intent using Cost-per-click (CPC) data figure as a guide. 

In Google Keyword planner, advertisers can find the search volume and cost-per-click data, search for new keywords, search volume this information will be helpful for SEO. Google AdWord is free too and a keyword planner tool is a brainstorming tool as well. In brainstorming, we can copy a list of keywords and paste them into the search volume column. This will provide which keyword is most popular based on the location also. We can do the below list of actions using the Google Adword keyword search planner.

  • Keyword ideas
  • Forecast
  • Keyword plan 
  • Save Keywords
  • Negative Keywords

This keyword search will help to identify the search volume, CPC, competition for each keyword. This will help partially for keyword search. 

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