How to get a clear idea of the organic clickthrough rate?

How to get a clear idea of the organic clickthrough rate?

This article helps to identify how Google's organic search is playing a major impact on the website. The most important factor is CTR. CTR is influenced by title tag length, sentiment, and meta descriptions. 

According to some research, below is a list of key factors that impact organic search and know about statistics overview about google clickthrough rate 

1. If the Keyword is in the first position in Google’s organic search result, then an average CTR is 31.7%.

CTR dropoff from the second place, 0.78% of Google searchers click the second place. First position results in Google have 10 times higher CTR compared to the 10th position result. The First position result in Google gets 31.7% of all clicks. CTR starting on the 2nd page is extremely low.

2. First-positioned keywords in organic results have ten times more possibilities to receive a click than the last position on the same page.

The first position is significantly more valuable than the 10th position. According to a recent survey, many Google users instinctively click on the first result in Google search.

3. Organic CTR for positions between 7 to 10 is more likely to get the same result and less in organic traffic.

The first Position result in Google has the highest CTR. The important CTR Position starts with position 5 and even CTR is flat between positions 6 to 10.  Most users do not scroll after the 5th  position, transferring from the 6th to 5th significantly increases the CTR. Another sharp CTR is increased starting with 3rd position.  The top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks. Ranking on the first page is not as important as ranking in the top spot is more important.

4. Getting the one position in the Google search results will increase CTR by 30.8% approximately. 

Moving from position 3rd to 2rd has more CTR boost than the position 10th to 9th. This 30.8% will vary from position to position. If transfer from 6th to 5th gives results of 53.2% CTR. Transfer from position 9th to 8th will help in 5% more clicks, not a major difference. With the low number of impressions, most queries result in a small number of clicks (8.1 per query).

5. When the Title tag contains the question, CTR will be higher by 14.1%.

Title tag with a question gains more CTR  than the question without question.

Titles with questions(How, Why, What, Who) gained 14.1% higher clicks.

The users are searching for the answer to the exact question. 

6. Title tags containing 15 to 40 characters have the highest CTR like 8.6%

The title that contains 15 to 40 characters gains more CTR. According to the statistics, shorter title tags perform better than longer title tags due to query matching. 

7. URLs that contain a keyword have a 45% clickthrough rate.

 Keywords match exactly with the URL score more CTR and partially matching keywords has the possibility for more CTR. URLs that contain a keyword have a 45% click when there is an exact query search. Keywords that appear in the subfolder of a domain name increase the CTR.

URLKeywordsSimilarity Index
/trademark-registrationTrademark registration100%
/trademark-registrationTrademark search registration50%
/trademark-registrationTrademark consultancy25%

8. Don't use Power words in the title tag. This decreases the CTR by 13.9%.

In theory, specific words and phrases are called Power words that get more clicks. Power Words and terms like Secret, Powerful, Ultimate, Perfect, Best, Insane, Amazing. As per the research, these power words decrease the CTR by 13.9%. This power will create more attention on the social media like Facebook platform and they may look like clickbait in google search. But actually, this reduces the organic search.

9. Emotional title will increase the CTR by 7%(Both positive and negative sentiment words).

According to the detailed study of CTR rates, the title tags containing the positive and negative words increase the CTR. Both positive and negative words are working well. The studies proved that the positive keywords increase CTR by 7.4% and the negative keywords increase CTR by 7.2%.

10. Meta description on the website will increase the CTR by 5.8%.

Clearly written descriptions will improve the number of clicks in SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Page with meta description improves the CTR rate than a page without meta description.

Professional SEO will help to find the exact keywords and this will help to list the website in Google organic search.


  1. ORGANIC CLICKTHROUGH RATE - “Average CTR” in the Google Search Console Performance report.
  2. RANKING POSITION - “Average Position” in the Google Search Console Performance report. 
  3. QUESTION TITLES - Title tags use words “How, Why, What, Who” or use the question marks. 
  4. TITLE TAG CHARACTER COUNT -  Number of characters in the title tag.
  5. POWER WORDS -  The presence of “Power Words” impacts the CTR.
  6. URLS - Keywords appear in the subfolder of a domain name.
  7. TITLE SENTIMENT - Use a text polarity sentiment on each title.
  8. META DESCRIPTION -  Meta description with text and without text.

CTR - Clickthrough Rate.

SERPs - Search Engine Result Pages

URL - Uniform Resource Locators

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

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