How to improve Website performance & speed?

How to improve Website performance & speed?

This content will help to make the website faster and get more traffic from search engines like google.  If a one-second delay in loading time causes decrease page views, decreases customer satisfaction, and also loss in conversions. These extra seconds will have a negative impact on visitors. Some tools and techniques help to fix these issues. 

A simple tool is Google page speed insights

This will analyze website speed with Google Page speed insights. Paste the website URL to analyze then google will check and give the score for mobile and desktop.

The most important data is In opportunities, here you can find a few reasons why the website is loading slowly.

  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Reduce unused JavaScript
  • Proper image size
  • Reduced unused CSS

The easiest one is to fix the images. If the image size is high then reduce the speed of the website loading time. Reduce the image size using the online image editor and upload the images to the website. After website speed optimization, time to retest the website. Again, go to Google page speed insights and run the analytics. If the result is 80 percent. This means the site is fast and optimized.

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