Importance for your website brand identity - favicons in new desktop Google search results

Favicons in Google search results already implemented in mobile search results, now favicon and URL goes to the first line of the desktop google search results this week, Google has started advising to add a brand name in website meta tag a few years back itself, that means Google started delivering search results with a website brand identity, Google strongly believes in a search result with a brand name in tag gets more clicks and builds more trust. Very few websites only following it,  though it is not a big ranking factor, all the first-page result websites have been following it already.


new google search results

A stady says 40% of the most visited websites have no favicon for mobile platforms but in desktop 98% of website having favicons. 

This morning I noticed Google search results with a slight redesign where the page title tag now appears below a top line that features a website favicon and domain name, another one is the website’s path using black text. Now there is no green in ad results, it becomes bold and black.

ads in google search results

More importance for website branding instead of just showing text results. Your favicon help users quickly identify your site when they scan through search results.


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