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  • Date : Jun 17, 2024
  • Posted By : D. Sivakumar
  • Category : Local SEO   SEO  

It can be defined as an off page technique used for increasing the page ranking for the site. Links make sure that the site gets indexed by the search engines. Using the right keywords is the important aspect taken into consideration. As search engines don’t just look at the number of links but also the relevance of these links and the quality. Only relevant sites should be liked or the site might get de-indexed. The one way link building involves using the methods such as “Press releases, Forum posting and Blog commenting” among the many others adopted by us. As the name goes, this involves linking from Site A to Site B, only one way.

There is another type for linking building called the reciprocal link building, where site owners mutually exchange links and have agreements for sharing. But this type of linking is not given that much importance unless they link important pages.  Ultimately it’s necessary to build quality links as they affect the page ranking and popularity. One way links show the search engines that the site is informative and interesting.  Getting linked to a quality site proves the high credibility of our site.

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