Make app yourself without coding knowledge

If you are an individual who wants to develop an app but does not possess the fundamental knowledge of coding, then G Suite can be your go-to software. With the help of this advanced cloud computing, you can create the app you desire.

What is G Suite / Google workspace

On 28th August 2006, Google LLC introduced the G Suite. It is a cloud computing, productivity-boosting software, which is comprised of Gmail, Drive, Sheets, and whatnot. Among such productivity tools, you need to get started with AppSheet to develop a mobile-friendly app or web application, which can support both Android and iOS interfaces. 

What is AppSheet?

AppSheet is the no-code Web development platform, designed to create application software. To develop an application, you need to get started and import data for your app from sources, such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

How to get started with AppSheet?

To get started with AppSheet you need to implement the following steps -

  1. Register with AppSheet by connecting a cloud data host
  2. You can either pick a template or start developing from your existing data
  3. You don't need to import data; it will remain in your cloud host

A step-by-step guide for developing application software with AppSheet -

To create an application software with AppSheet, you can go through the following steps -

  1. Firstly, prepare your data.
  2. Connect your data to AppSheet from the cloud host.
  3. Evaluate how the app will use your data.
  4. Refine how your app will be present in your data.
  5. Include actions, reports, and workflows to your app.
  6. Configure your application software's security settings
  7. Before launching it, try your app with a few users.
  8. If it works, then launch your application software.
  9. Finally, it will be best if you paid attention to feedbacks and improve your app where needed.

In conclusion, it can be said that with AppSheet you can make any application software, without employing a lot of time and workforce. Further, the process is swift and straightforward, which will boost your productivity, even we can develop an eCommerce website as well


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