What are the Anticipated SEO Trends for 2021?


Nikitha conducted a survey with SEO experts in Chennai about what the anticipated SEO trends for 2021 will be. The results are detailed in the article below.

Nikitha, a leading social media marketing company in Chennai, conducted a recent survey. Experts offering SEO service were quizzed on the expected SEO trends of 2020. The top factors for SEO are below

1, Optimization considering BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)

The connotation and original intent of the search query are increasingly under focus to deliver the most relevant results. Thus, it is no longer about the string matching alone. It is also increasingly about intent matching.

2, Website Security and HTTPS

Google has indicated clearly that it is looking towards a future where the web is secure by default. Thus, adding an SSL 2048-bit key certificate to your site will give a minor ranking boost.

3, Voice Search Optimization

Voice search from mobile devices, smart speakers, and wearables is increasingly the future. By 2021, at least 50% of all searches are expected to be voice searches. Hence, ensure that you only sign up with a web design company that has competence in this niche, especially the use of schema, when developing your website.

4, Content Quality matters

Google is looking to be a one-stop information hub. Hence, only content that is original, well-researched, and relevant will be given a higher priority. Visual content like infographics should give a leg up against the competition.

5, Rich Snippets

Snippets are small blocks of information, and they usually answer direct questions posted on Google. Plus, they are in the zero position and right on top. Adding snippets of about 40-60 words in your content is a sure way to get noticed.

6, Mobile Device Optimization

With the increasing penetration of mobile devices, any brand or service without a mobile-compatible website is sure to lose out. Google has made mobile device optimization a ranking factor. Further, studies have shown that 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local searches using mobile devices.

7, Use of videos

Content is increasingly being consumed in visual form. With increasing mobile penetration and broadband speeds, the use of videos is sure to generate more clicks. However, videos should use appropriate keywords in the description and headline and offer engaging content for maximum reach.

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