What do pages with first impressions mean on search console monthly performance email?

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I received a monthly report from Google search console yesterday, it was a more interesting insight. A new word “first Impression” in the search console insight report. started searching for “ What do pages with first impressions mean on search console monthly performance email? ”it to know more about it from authentic websites like Google webmaster, I came to know it means the website pages that were seen by the user in search results for the first time last month.

This monthly performance email helps a lot for beginners and good insight for experienced webmasters as well, each and every insight has links to to the proper pages in Google search console, it helps a lot for SEO beginners.

The unrevealed secret is “we need to monitor the following insights closely and regularly to improve a website.

Here is the list of all the insight headings.


  1. Your website (last month) performance on Google Search

  2. Your content achievements

    • Top growing pages with a comparison of last month report

  3. Top performing pages

  4. How do people find you?

    • Top growing queries with a comparison of last month report

  5. Top-performing queries with number of clicks

  6. More about your audience

    • Devices 

  7. Top countries By clicks

  8. Google search type by clicks (web, image, and video)

With a final call to action button with “Keep exploring your data to identify new opportunities,” it goes to our search console performance report page

View more in details about first impressionshttps://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9337910

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