What is Google Ads Optimization Score?

Google, the search behemoth, is no longer an ‘Internet’ or search company. Rather, it is today an advertising company with revenues topping 130 billion US dollars in 2019. Given the scale of revenue, it is easy to see that Google sees Adwords as a cash cow. Therefore, they have developed a lot of tools to support the effective and efficient use of Google Adwords. One of the proprietary tools is the Google Adwords optimization score.

Using this in-built tool, any individual or business can see how well their Google Ads is set to perform. The score has a spectrum between 0 and 100 and a 100% score means that you have reached the peak. Now the good thing about this platform is that Google itself gives recommendations to the user to uplift the score. The percentage by which the score will get uplifted by implementing this recommendation is also indicated. By clicking on the default button of ‘add,’ the recommendation is automatically incorporated.

Some of the interesting recommendations include

  • Use of price-lists
  • Dynamic search ads
  • Adding customer lists
  • Automated bidding and much more

There are numerous recommendations given by Google, which, if correctly used, can push the ranking and return on investment of an ad. However, not all recommendations can be implemented, and it requires experience and deep knowledge to handle specific cases. Consider the case of automated bidding. If we were to link an account to this process, the spending would not be controlled, and this can cause severe repercussions to the business.

Does a score of 100% reflect that everything is perfect or that the ad campaign will be a huge success? The answer again is no, since Google is only delivering recommendations. Hence, judicious handling is required to achieve the best benefit.

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