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Please select a logo design package, in which logo design cost and number logo design options and time duration and everting explained, once package selected kindly fill the following input form and submit. Complete our creative brief that ensures we understand your nature of the business, your vision, target, type of logo and design concept. Thanks for choosing us for your logo design requirement, Nikitha, one of the pioneer and cost-effective logo design companies providing logo design services since 1996. Nikitha delivers more than 5000 logos worldwide at affordable logo design price.

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Symbol or Icon

Iconic Logo makes use of images or symbols. These images are emblematic of a particular company or product.

Word Mark

In a word mark logo, the product, business or service name is used as the foundation for the design.  It creates a “mental picture” of a brand. Wherever the name is uttered, the image gets associated with the sound of the word.

Letter Mark

A Monogram logo is made by overlapping or combining two or more letters of the initials of an individual or a company to be used as recognizable symbols or logos.

Combination Mark

Combination mark is defined as combining two or more styles into a single design. This usually needs constant work in adapting two different styles like the icon and wordmark to form a single image. The end result is exceptional as the logo will be diverse and more eye catching. It creates a strong design statement.


The basic idea in an emblem logo is to accommodate the company's name within the designs of the logo as it appears to be a part of it. Experimentation with the font style helps in further diversifying the design. This highlights and strengthens the brand name.



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As per the company policy, any job order would be accepted on advance payment. This is towards the man-hours work involved for designing and providing multiple options to your taste. If this satisfies your expectation, the remaining work will be carried out and the product will be delivered on time. The remaining payment has to be done in cash / cheque on delivery. Cheques / DDs are to be in favour of 'Nikitha' payable at Chennai.

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