(working on the site analysis, finding loose ends and loopholes that stop the site from using its full potential)

The first step in this process is Domain registration, checking up if the name is relevant, unique and easy to spell. Then the age of the domain is checked to see whether any updates are required. After the Domain auditing the next step is the content auditing, checking up the number of pages on the site and its relevance. Followed by evaluating the images and text for their originality. Then comes the inspection of the site's navigation which will help determine the site's accessibility. The next important step undertaken is the auditing on the contents used in the website, example- "whether the content rightly describes the product". After this the title tag scrutinizing begins followed by analysis of the indexing of the site by the search engines. The next process is to gather potential keywords that improve the site. A list of other competing sites is inspected to help understand the different issues. At the end of the auditing a fully fledged report including ideas for further development are provided to the clients. This valuable advice is free of cost for the site's overall improvement in terms of ranking and traffic.


The execution is a transparent process that requires working with the client. The following steps are performed

  • Taking a renewal of the domain for a period of 5-10 years.
  • The optimization of the site begins with the revamping of the title tags, working on important keywords and images that are in standard to the search engines. The loading speed of the site is improved by working on the navigation.
  • The next step is to promote using trusted classified and sites by submitting articles in related forums and directories.    
  • New informative and reactive pages are planned for the website.

The methods we use vary from business to business depending on the clients requirements. Our process is not restricted to any number of keywords and options; we check up every potential that can help enhance the site for better results. Our upgrades for the site will definitely make it an exceptional lead generator in other words finding new customers for the site will never be a problem.

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