AdWords management & Pay Per Click Advertising

It can be defined as a method of gaining traffic by paid ads from search engines or social media. It is a cost-effective means to get the site to the target audience. It lets the site owners decide who can visit their site. The pay per click marketing - PPC advertising also called as search engine marketing (SEM). These PPC campaigns are done using the paid services through Google Adwords, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. The roles involved in Pay Per Click Advertising other than the advertisers are


People who don’t mind clicking on paid advertisements as the they get what they are searching for without any hassle.

Search Engines

The search engine here has to cater to the needs of both the advertisers and the searchers. It promotes both collaborating revenue driven advertisement network.

The vital factor is the keywords. Proper researching of the keywords, appropriate grouping and good organization are necessary. This will help in promoting a good ADwords Campaign. The SEO team at Nikitha’s use highly profiled keyword management to set proper keywords and gain targeted traffic and lose unnecessary traffic which is always appreciated by search engines.

The advantages of using PPC are

  • Converting visitors to customers
  • Obtaining quality traffic leading to a better success rate.
  • Having a control on the positive clicks and adjusting the campaign to be more effective.
  • Lets you decide the conversion rate and set the price for a click.
  • Accountability for the source of traffic
  • Important details like the time length for viewing  the pages and number pages view, etc... Are displayed so important decisions can be made for making the campaign better.
  • Marketing through this stream is extremely low financially compared to other methods of marketing. The product can also be viewed easily and ordered from online without having to wait and go through procedures, so this is also preferred by most users.

We follow all the necessary procedures to help determine a better success rate for our clients. We work with two of the market’s biggest players like Google AD words and Microsoft Ad center to promote the businesses of our clients.

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