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Nikitha well known as an advanced web development company among the web development companies in India, one of the gems in our crown is online HTML to AMP converter tool, AMP is one of the advanced web technologies developed  by Google on February 2017 , our digital R&D team launched the world's first online HTML to AMP converter for Free by July 7 2017.

Our regular services are web design, website revamping, dynamic website, eCommerce development web hosting and business email, domain registration, SSL certificate installation, malware analysis - removal, AMP development, website maintenance, website optimization, digital marketing services, and custom-build business web applications.

Every business is unique, one software/web application does not suit all businesses even though if it is the same business too, every businessman have their own successful strategies, it may work well when they were small team, management required our partnership when they grow, to implement their same strategies and systems properly in the company with larger number staff members, we can definitely help them to set their system in order with our custom build a web application development. Everything should be measurable in the company, our team will make it possible.

Most of the companies facing the same common problems are accountability, tracking, job follow up, and system in place.

web application there should be a system in order to follow, company management cannot check the systems every day personally, practically it's not possible to monitor every staff/team member every day, here our role starts, our work starts from discussing every one individually in the company, who will be going to use this web application, we should understand every pain points and missouts of their business processes.

Phase two our team will discuss on logic, technologies and time frame of the project to proceed further, there is no complication in our commercial terms, we have a very simple web application development package, it is a time-based retainer business model only, we agree for certain man-hours web application development per month, for example, if we agree for 30 hours at the rate of Rs.50000/- per month, we will work until provided man-hours consumed, some time may not be consumed fully, if so balance man-hour credits can be carried forward to next month. Our development schedule date will be intimated to our clients every month before 3rd, and our work report will be updated every immediately after the work done. client can monitor man-hours credit and work details on our reporting penal. We don't hold the source code, we will be hand over the source code once the project is completed. 

Progressive Web App Development

One of our specialities is all our web application developed under the guideline of progressive web app development - PWA is nothing but new web technology to improve web application user experience in mobile view, it will work like a mobile app and desktop view with same code.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

- What are the works and who will be commonly involved when you develop a web application?

Approximately 15% UI designers page UI and UX design, 15% project coordinator client meetings, design discussions and schedule plan, 20% project head architecture, logic and security, 50% developer works.

- Why don't you quote us the consolidated amount for a web application development?

Logically it will not work when you want to start an innovative web development projects or we never have done it before.

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