Web Design Process

Nikitha strives for perfection in every small or big business assignment carried out, for the complete fulfilment of the customer in the field of website designing.

We carefully work, from the beginning process of creating a domain name, for the individual or for the business organisation that wants to launch a website. Creation of a domain name is the most important process, as this name is what is to stay in the minds of the people.  So it is done with utmost care and analysing the business model of the individual or organisation.

After choosing an attractive domain name, as the next process, we help our customer with the apt logo that will suit the business of the customer. Creating a perfect logo for a business is an art and a mix of science. A logo is not just an image or symbol but it is a sign of prosperity that leads to success in any business.

After the creation of a logo, the next process is to decide whether the website has to be a dynamic or a static one. Now one may wonder, what is a dynamic and a static site. A dynamic site is one in which the content or information can be updated by the owner of the website,  without the help of any programmer or web designer.  And a static website is one in which the customer approaches a web design company who updates the site with article contents, blogs, news information etc. All these updates are done for search engine optimisation; this is to bring the website in the top rankings in the result page in the search engines like Google, binge and yahoo.

The decision on launching a dynamic or static website happens after a keen analysis and discussion with our customers on the business requirements. If a customer chooses the static website then the process begins with filling an input form, where the customer fills in the form providing information on his business needs, the size of the organisation, its goals, what is it representing and what is it offering and who are the recipients, to use the service. Keeping all this information in mind we develop content that matches the web standards for bibliometric ratings. This content is not just an article, these are written with specific keywords that bring the site in top result page and converts a visitor to a customer.

The site navigation is one another area which needs to be done with perfection. We concentrate more on site navigation by providing perfect landing pages, which can give right information to the customer and take him to the right place without any deviation.

The next process involves the designing and the look of a home page, which is the heart of the website. It is also called mock up. It is all about how the site is going to look and its important features. The home page content is the most important one as this content is what leads to search engine results, through which a business gets its valuable customers.

The next process is of selecting the design and colour for the website. Once the design is selected then the images are changed from PSD to HTML.  This is the final stage and the web construction is completed and delivered to the customer.  The customer can now host his website online or we would help him if he provides us the FTP address for us to host the website for him.

Even after the finishing of the website, we help our customer with what all can be done with the website to retain its rankings.

Hence, each website we design is a creation, we design every website with the same enthusiasm be it for a small business enterprise or for a corporate. The spirit is the same for all, with hundred percent perfection and satisfaction of our customer.

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