How to Optimize for Voice Search in SEO?


With the explosion of mobile devices, voice search assistants, wearables, and smart-home devices, voice search has taken a front-line role in enhancing user experience. This article explores the use of voice search in SEO 


Since 2011, with the launch of Siri, voice-activated technologies have been on an upswing. The world is flooded with cheap mobile devices, and today, voice search is no longer a novelty but a reality. Google has rolled out several updates to SEO, as discussed in a previous article - SEO Trends 2020 and here, we will examine voice search in detail.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a technology where the human voice is recognized by the device, analysed with precision, and results are delivered either visually or orally to the user, depending on the medium. Thus, voice search dramatically improves the user experience and Google is placing a high emphasis on voice search. If you are thinking of hiring for SEO service, optimizing for voice search is vital. A good web development company will have this as a standard feature in their to-do list!

Advantages of Voice Search

  • Users save time as no typing is required.
  • Quick and reliable results
  • It has been found that voice search is used more in the case of local searches

SEO Strategies to Adopt for Benefit from Voice Search

Use of long-tail keywords

With voice search, people bring conversational nuances to queries. Additionally, they are looking for direct answers. Hence, the use of long-tail keywords is vital.

Importance of FAQs

Says Kumar of Nikitha, a leading social media marketing company in Chennai, “We were one of the pioneers to identify that FAQs will play a critical role in voice search and started enhancing websites for our clients based on the same.  The latest updates from Google regarding voice search and the display of snippet information validates our stand and has given us success.” If the tone of the FAQ's content is conversational and answers questions like why, what, when, and how, among others, then you stand a good chance of getting on the first page of the SERP.

Importance of Reliable Content

Google has, for long, frowned upon plagiarised content. Voice search will mean that content not only has to be useful but also that the targeted keywords are woven in the content in an easy and conversational manner. If information is not authentic, then it will drive visitors away as it creates a sense of mistrust.

Use of Simple Sentences

Convoluted sentences and flowery language will not help with voice search simply because people look for direct answers to their specific queries. Keep things simple, direct, authentic, and informative for best results.

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